AVR Studio 6.0 正式版已经发布

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AVR Studio 6.0 正式版已经发布。





精简版,不包括.net 4.0。这个版本包含了IDE、软件框架(Atmel Software Framework)和工具链( Toolchain


完整安装版,包括.net 4.0和MS Visual Studio Shell


AVR Studio 6.0 的主要特性:
  • Support for 300 Atmel AVR and SAM3, SAM4 devices
  • Atmel Software Framework
    • Vast source code library including drivers, communication stacks, graphic services and touch functionality. ASF enables customers to focus on application differentiation, and accelerates design time.
    • More than 1100 project examples with sorce code.
    • ASF Explorer for selecting and integrating ASF components into your own design.
  • QTouch Composer
    • Seamlessly ties together the tools required to edit the code in Atmel Studio 6 and to tune the touch design, making it easier than ever to integrate capacitive touch functionality into applications.
    • The validation wizard provides an easy and intuitive way of testing system performance.
    • With the power analyzer, users can monitor power consumption of the microcontroller in real time.
    • The real-time data graph and trace graph records data generated during debugging, storing it for later playback. This allows the user to inspect recorded data sets.
  • Integrated C/C++ compiler
    • Provides one seamless environment with everything the designer needs to write, build, program and debug C/C++ and assembly code.
    • Customers can choose the coding style that best fits their project and generates the most optimal code for their designs.
  • Integrated editor with visual assist
    • Write code faster with visual assist code completion tools.
  • New project wizard
    • Easily create a new project from scratch or from a large library of example designs.
  • In-system programming and debugging
    • Provides a seamless interface to all of Atmel's in-circuit programmers and debuggers.
  • Full debug views
    • Creates a transparent view into CPU and peripherals, enabling easy code development and debugging.
  • Full chip simulation
    • Delivers an accurate model of CPU, interrupts and peripherals.
    • Currently available for AVR MCUs only.

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