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2.1 Scene


scene 1:

Many years ago, when the elderly see a doctor for his heart, the  ECG was common method. The doctor told the patient reluctantly: "ECG is useless, because the heart is normal now, unless the heart rate is abnormal during such a period of time." I believe many people have met it.

Scene 2

More than a decade ago, there was a device called a dynamic ECG, it looked like a treadmill. A elderly person was running. The doctor’s computer screen recorded the curve.

Scene 3

A few months ago, my wife and I accompanied my mother-in-law to see a doctor. The doctor looked at the ECG helpless and advised us to use the dynamic ECG. A nurse took out a device and told us that this is a dynamic ECG device that can be installed and carried around, monitor heartbeat status and transfer data wireless any time. Doctors monitor it , even you do not stay in the hospital. On the way home, the mother-in-law said that it does not affect the activities. One day later,  the doctor already knew the specific situation.

Scene 4

The hospital is equipped with ECG monitoring for critically patients. When it is abnormal, the doctor and nurse would rush to the ward to rescue the patient.

Scene 5

A community health service station launched a 24-hour service for a few elderly people, similar to scene 4, where the location was changed from hospital to home.

Old people is impossible to stay in the hospital all time. The dynamic ECG is installed and does not affect daily activities. Once an emergency occurs, the community doctor will rush to there within a few minutes.

Scene 6

The elderly enjoy their lives, the children are still working and call to ask about the physical condition. A ECG APP could be installed. The doctor will record the doctor's advice on the computer and push it to the APP, which will Connect the doctor and the family.

Scene seven


Scene eight

Care robot...


Scene N

The latest news, Dr. XXX announced that their team has just overcome the last difficulty of human medicine, longevity is no longer a dream...


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