Home IOT 2.1.2 blood glucose meter

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2.1.2 blood glucose meter

scene 1

Many years ago, Diabetic person often went to see a doctor and measure blood sugar. When the condition was serious, they should go there every day. In a few days, the fingers were tied with medical tape.

Scene 2

Ten years ago, the portable home blood glucose meter was inverted, with test strips and needles. Diabetes can easily measure blood at home. These products are sold in hospital and pharmacy.

Scene 3

A few years ago, Japanese manufacturers invented the blood glucose meter based on wireless transmission versions such as Bluetooth or WIFI,the APP function was provided, people could browse test records and curves at any time, and simple health knowledge was provided.

Scene 4

The medical examination center is rapidly spreading these years. At the time of the medical examination, the doctor should recommend medical examination service to the diabetic person: including portable blood glucose meter, phased medical examination service, 24-hour online doctor and other services.

Scene 5

Pharmacies, equipment manufacturers, hospitals, medical examination centers, etc., also establish their own online platform, sell the same service package of scene 4, the user buy it and interact with the online doctor at any time during the service time.



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