Home IOT 2.1.3 Air conditioner

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2.1.3 Air conditioner

scene 1

20 years ago, people use the remote control to turn on the air conditioner and adjust the temperature at home. It spent at least half an hour from zero to standard room temperature in winter.

Nowadays, most families still use air conditioners as before.

Scene 2

Ten years ago, some advanced air conditioners had infrared intelligent identification and tracking functions. It sensed the people position in the room and adjusted the wind direction automatically. It was humanize and saved.

Scene 3

10 years ago, some brands have already begun to control home appliances on the Internet. They used the computer browser and turned on the air conditioner at home before off work. When they went home,  the temperature was comfortable.

Scene 4

Nowadays, APP could turn smart phone to remote controller. Young people can control the air conditioner anywhere.

Scene 5

Concept air conditioners are becoming popular: In the summer, when you rush into the house and cry, "Air conditioner, 16 °C please." Air conditioning looks at you, blinking and saying, "Little hostess, now outdoor temperature is 41 ° C, your body temperature is 37 ° C , you may catch a cold if you cool down quickly. The towns of 20 kilometers are popular with XX disease, the cold will increase the probability of infection by 32% according to big data analysis.Now you are sweating, you lose 4.1% of water, 3.6% of salt, 5.2% of sugar, you need..."


Scene N

Your clothes automatically produce a thin isolation cover and keeps the temperature constant.


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