Home IOT 2.1.4 Refrigerator

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2.1.4 Refrigerator

scene 1

The robot took off the fresh fruits and vegetables in greenhouse and put them on the label, placed them in the storage basket, and then moved them to the truck transported them to the supermarket.

At the same time, information such as pickers, time, category, quantity, trunks, drivers, routes, supermarket recipients, and storage time are automatically stored in the database.

Scene 2

The supermarket staff member picks up the fruit from the warehouse manager and places it on the corresponding shelf. The entire process information was recorded automatically.

Scene 3

People pick up a fruit in the supermarket, the of picking, transportation, price, storage items and other information are displayed on the shelf screen.

Scene 4

When people walk near the refrigerator, the screen automatically lights up, and the soft music sounds, accompanied by an intellectual voice: "My noble master, 4 eggs, 3 tofu, 2 durians would be expiration ."

People put new food into refrigerator, the sound is still soft: "My noble master, please place cucumber on 2 layer and sweet potato on 1 layer."

Scene 5

Harsh voice come when people are playing poker casually three days later: "My noble master, come back soon!"

When people rushed into the house, the refrigerator said softly: "My noble master, your 4 eggs, 3 stinky tofu, 2 durians are expiration"

At once, people think of Zhang Ruimin in the 1980s...


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